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I work primarily with Young Adult and New Adult fiction. I do not work with non-fiction, literary fiction, or genre fiction such as Horror, Crime, or Romance. Contact me for more information and to inquire as to whether or not your outline/manuscript falls within my realm of expertise.  

I will read through your completed outline and give you my feedback on the storyline, structure, and pacing. In addition, I will recommend edits that I believe would be of a benefit to your story. 

If you want to traditionally publish, querying an agent is typically the first step in the process. Query letters need to be polished and professional before being sent to a literary agent. I will read over your query letter, pointing out strengths, weaknesses, formatting errors, etc. and recommend changes.

The first chapter is your introduction to your readers, so you want to make sure it communicates your story as effectively as possible. I will read your first chapter as your future readers would and make notes as I go. I’ll look for character voice, style, pacing, readability, and more.  In addition to in-line notes I will also provide you a summary of my overall impression and feelings at the end of the chapter. I will recommend edits that I believe would be of a benefit to your story, as well as point out any consistent grammatical or spelling errors I come across. (Up to 4,000 words. Each additional 1,000 words costs an additional $2.)

If you liked my critiquing style and believe I'd be a good fit to help you continue strengthening your novel, I can offer you additional chapter critiques. We will touch base at the completion of your First Chapter Critique to decide how best to move forward. (Up to 4,000 words. Each additional 1,000 words costs an additional $2.)

Looking for a service that you don’t see here? Contact me to chat about what you're looking for, and I would be happy to do my best to assist you! 


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Colorado State University. I’ve written four books, self-published two, and host a successful YouTube channel, which you can find linked in the sidebar. For more information about me, check the About tab above.

Payment for critique services due at time of booking. All payments will be completed through PayPal.

It is my desire to help improve both your work and your writing skills, however, utilizing my services will not guarantee representation or publication of your manuscript.
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