High Born

Sixteen-year-old Blaer Woods doesn't want to get married. She's in love with a prince, but her mother is determined to marry her off to a pauper. In a rush to escape her arranged marriage, Blaer runs away. Under the cover of night, she takes to the forest, a place that most folks of Rivermoor go to lengths to avoid.

She doesn't mean to get captured and imprisoned, nor does she expect to meet Rowan, a handsome boy with strawberry hair and a secret straight out of a fairy tale. It is with his help that she must save those who she loves, or risk losing them forever..
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Way of Spears

Rima Bishop has spent her entire life in Greenehaven, kept sheltered by the ancient trees that protect the realm from outsiders. She trained at The Academy for six years to become a member of the Second Guard, but more than anything she desires promotion to the Golden Guard, a force of Greenehaven’s most elite warriors.

After two years of breaking up fights over pork prices and egg quality, Rima receives her first assignment. But as she and her Captain struggle to cooperate, she starts to question the ideology that The Academy instilled in her.
Rima and her comrades will venture into foreign realms and enemy territory, and they’ll have to work together if they ever want to make it home. Loyalties will be tested, blood will be shed, and Rima will be forced to make decisions regarding the life she has chosen for herself and the person she wants to become.

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