Friday, September 23, 2016

Way of Spears will soon be for sale in select Colorado bookstores

Since I started writing, and long before I even finished my first novel, I dreamt of walking into a bookstore and seeing my book on a shelf. And now, after writing a handful of books and publishing two, I’m about to see that dream come true! I’m currently in contact with three local bookstores, and am about to deliver a supply of books to two of those bookstores. One local store wants five of my books to start off, and the other wants ten. Each store offers my book different perks; one store will shelve my book in its appropriate genre section and face it out, while the other will feature my book for two weeks on the main display as well as advertising in the local paper and on their website.


At this point I’m stuck playing the waiting game. I’ve ordered a supply of books, but have to sit around now and wait for them to arrive. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, and plan to provide other self-published authors with a ‘How-To’ after I’ve gone through the process.


If you haven’t read Way of Spears yet, you can buy it for Kindle for only $0.99! Click here to purchase!


  1. I just bought it on Amazon! Excited to read it!

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  5. Hey!
    I am Katie Smith.Glad to know that your novel will go on sale shortly. Hope it goes well.
    Thank You

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