Saturday, June 11, 2016

Less than two months until Way of Spears comes out!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the second week of June. While I was counting down my final weeks of university it felt like June would never get here. And now look its almost halfway gone.

So, where am I in the process of publishing Way of Spears?
Im happy to say that I received my proof copy - which is BEAUTIFUL and I cant wait to show you the real thing and have already read through it and made my second round of revision notes. On top of my own notes, I also have two awesome beta readers that are working with me chapter by chapter to make this book the best it can be. I would like to have this second round of revisions done by the end of June, but it is hard to say how long it will take each beta reader to get back to me. But Im keeping my fingers crossed that we make good time.

Since Im back in editing mode, Ive kind of taken a step away from the marketing mode I was in before. But come July, Im going to start advertising my little heart out. Ill also be holding some giveaways in which you could win a free signed copy of my book, so keep an eye out here on my blog or on Tumblr/YouTube. Ill make sure to post the giveaway on all my social media platforms.  

At this point I am still on track and am looking forward to sharing Way of Spears with you on August 1, 2016!




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