Thursday, October 8, 2015

Decision made...I think.

After consulting multiple sources and reading a ton of writing blogs, I think I've decided to write a new story for Nano. I love Fire Tongue, and I've come to really know my characters, but I don't feel like the plot really speaks to me. Perhaps I'll pick up the characters some day and drop them in another world and another story (actually, that sounds really fun), but for now I'm going to put Fire Tongue on hold and pick up a story I started messing around with about a year ago.

The WIP title is 'The Peregrine Trials'. It's set in a 20th century fantasy world in which winged horses, pegasi, are real. They are owned and trained by the elite upper class aristocrats, and the best of them compete every year in The Peregrine Trials. The winners go on to compete in The Peregrine Classic, a high stakes endurance race that brings the winner fame and glory.

Very few women compete in the Trials, but Mercy Harland wants to be one of them. Her father owns and operates a barn full of champion pegasi, but he refuses to let Mercy ride. Refusing to give up, Mercy enlists the help of a roughneck stable boy to help her train a dangerous and unpredictable pegasus colt, and together they plan to take on the champion stallions.

I've got a couple chapters written and am working on a rough outline. It's so exciting to be thinking about a new story, and I have inspiration to write again.

I hope I've made the right decision.


P.S. I quickly photoshopped that cover image, and I think it turned out rather nice. So thankful I used to do graphic art in my spare time. 

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