Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reading Under a January Sky

Happy January!

I’m going to try really hard to start posting weekly, or at least semi-weekly. I guess we’ll see if this is a resolution I actually stick to or not. Harrumph. 

SO! I’ve decided to take part in the Goodreads book challenge. I set my goal to 30 books in a year, but I’m wondering if that’s too few. I’ve already read 2 books in a week. Granted, once my classes are back in session I’ll be held down by assignments and essays. For the time being I’ll leave my goal where it sits. 

This past week I’ve read two amazing novels. The first, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles. I’m sure many of you have heard about Cinder, the first book in the series (It was also a NaNo novel, woohoo!). I was hesitant at first about picking up Cinder. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, so I was worried I wouldn’t like it. Wow, was I wrong! I read Cinder and Scarlet in two days each, and I currently have the third book, Cress, on hold at the library. I absolutely recommend this series to young adult and sci-fi lovers. 

The second book I read, Under the Never Sky, was absolutely thrilling. I hadn’t heard a whole lot about it, so I wasn’t sure how good it would be. But holy moly, I couldn’t put it down! I read for probably six hours straight last night, until my eyes refused to stay open any longer. I then proceeded to finish it this morning. (It was slightly difficult to read and make pancakes at the same time, but I was ultimately successful.) Under the Never Sky is one of the books that just makes me squirm with giddy delight. I am so in love with the characters and the way Veronica writes them. She writes from both the hero and heroine’s point of views, and she does it very well. This approach to writing usually makes the male lead less mysterious to me, but that wasn’t the case at all with this book. I was always excited to get to his chapters because I always wanted to know what was going on inside his beautiful blond head. Surprisingly enough, I also fell in love with the female lead. I usually get really irritated with most heroines, but Aria was a perfect blend of strength and weakness. She didn’t make me want to pound my head against a hard surface, and I love her for that!

Overall, both these books were amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next books. Come on, library, get my holds in ASAP!

Hopefully I’ll stick to my resolution and will be posting again soon.



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