Friday, September 19, 2014

Meet-My-Main-Characters Series: Dominic Bane

Dominic Bane

Meet Dominic Bane, one of the handsome male leads in High Born. He is the only son of King Joseph and Queen Penelope, heir to the throne of Rivermoor. Dominic was a well mannered child, and it was only when he played with Blaer Woods that he got in trouble. They spent their early years running barefoot around the castle and causing a whole manner of trouble for the staff. Queen Penelope eventually put an end to it because of class divisions. Dominic's mother didn't want her only son to be soiled by playing with the spawn of the help. Dominic and Blaer remained friends, however. They just chose to meet and play where prying eyes couldn't find them.

The young prince grew into a fine young man. He developed an affinity for horsemanship, and soon he could be found no where else but the stables. His chestnut Arabian mare was without doubt the most beautiful horse in all of Rivermoor, perhaps in all of Isfodel.

Dominic had another passion, and that was herbology. His grandfather, Abraxis Bane, had left to him a  journal full of carefully taken notes and tediously drawn pictures of hundreds of different herbs. Dominic transformed the abandoned greenhouse into his sanctuary, and it was there that his love for the foliage of the world took hold.

Dominic's life is not as simple as it used to be. It has been turned upside down, and now he must find some way to keep from drowning under the burden of it all. Read High Born to discover what has caused a whirlwind in our young prince's life.

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