Friday, August 29, 2014

Your Multiple Personality Family

Art by Paulo Zerbato 
We all have complex and unique personalities. For example, I am kind, quiet, lazy, cold, mature, extroverted, loud, inappropriate, responsible, introverted, and hard working. Yes, some of these are opposites, but that’s because I don’t have one personality all the time, and neither does anyone else!

These aren't all the members of my family, but they are the three that felt like being social today.

Rosie is a seven year old girl with pigtails and a quick smile. She loves animated movies and books with animals as the main characters. She memorized Bambi 2 (yes, this is a real movie, and it’s one of her favorites) and sometimes likes to pretend she is a deer. Rosie is easily entertained and never wants to grow up. She loves to cuddle up in a pile of stuffed animals and watch Disney movies. Rosie controls the body in times of sickness or whenever feeling particularly playful.

Anna is twenty six and lives in a studio apartment in New York City. She wears big glasses and has a messy bob with a fluffy fringe. She’s a freelance writer who works when and where she wants. Her body is covered in tattoos and she has a number of piercings as well. Anna doesn’t own a car, and she would much rather walk or ride her bike anyway. She’s a vegan and much prefers wine over beer.  Anna has the most control over the body, but her times of heightened awareness are in the midst of the creative process. (Oh, and in autumn, because Anna has great fall fashion!)

Vincent is ageless, drinks his alcohol from a crystal glass, and has pale eyes sharp enough to slice through diamond. He can often be found sitting behind a beautiful oak desk in a dark room full of ancient tomes. His skin is pale and his long hair, which he keeps tied back from his face in a low ponytail, has wizened to gray. 

Vincent never leaves his sprawling Victorian mansion without his ground-dragging hooded cloak. He walks with a cane, but this is not due to any health ailment. He simply looks classier that way. And if you ever happen to see him smile, you’ll notice that his canine teeth are long and sharp. He takes over the body at night and in times of deep thought. 

Now it's your turn. You can use this as a prompt to get to know you or one of your characters better!

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