Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Conversations Over A Chessboard

As you may or may not know, I am an English major and have a concentration in creative writing. I had my first creative writing class today, and let me tell ya what, I love it already! My professor has a degree in music and a master's of fine arts in poetry. She also sings in a band and has awesome tattoos, which I think is pretty cool. But anyway, more about the class itself.

This semester we'll spend time studying drama, creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. I am obviously most excited for fiction and I absolutely cannot wait to start truly studying the craft of creative writing.

At the end of class today we had a free write with this prompt: Write a dialogue between two characters that are discussing you. These characters could be human or non-human, alive or dead, etc. etc. I chose Fia and Dimitri, the two main characters in my novel, Fire Tongue. Over a game of chess Fia complained that I, the Creator, must clearly favor Dimitri because he has all the good qualities: handsome, mysterious, good at chess. She was clearly frustrated. He smiled and sipped his alcohol from a crystal glass and countered with, "Well, aren't you the main character?" And he's right, she is! After contemplating this for a minute, Fia found a move on the chessboard that Dimitri had not yet thought of and smiled slyly as she exclaimed, "Checkmate!"

It was a quick, one page free write,  but it felt amazing! These free writes are not graded or looked at by anyone else, and it felt wonderufl to just work with my characters without any fear of writing poorly or disappointing myself.

I am truly looking forward to diving full force into this class. I'm hoping to learn a lot!


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