Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Books and Bugs

Yes, you read that right. Books and bugs.

Let me tell you what, last night was hard. It was one of those nights where you toss and turn and wake up five times, then start obsessing about how much sleep you're losing and therefore really can't fall back to sleep. I hate those kind of nights.

This all started when an army of ants decided to invade my home. My cat, as fluffy and adorable and perfect as she is, loves to chew her food a little and then spit it out. The ants love this gross half chewed cat food, and it seems as if they come from all over the world just to get a bite of the mushy deliciousness.

But I've got some news for you, ants: This is not an open house!

So I spent the better part of an hour trying to do away with all of these ants. Just when I thought they were all gone, BAM! There was one on my countertop, and climbing on my headboard. And that is when the fear set in.

I hate bugs. HATE them. But I'm living alone now, so I have no choice but to fight them myself. But when bugs start crawling on my tables and threaten to crawl into bed with me? That's where I get real freaked out.

So, throughout the night I had two reoccurring dreams/nightmares. The dreams were about books and publishing. I've been thinking long and hard about self versus traditional publishing, so it's no surprise that this was on my mind. But scattered throughout those wonderful thoughts were visions of bugs crawling on my walls, my ceilings, and yes, even my pillowcases. So I was a restless mess.

Today has been better. Only a few ants have been sighted, and I sure didn't let them hang around long enough to crawl up on my table. So hopefully there will be no more dreams of bugs. (But dreams about books are alright.)


P.S. Coffee grounds and vinegar: your ant fighting weapons!

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